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  • We help businesses to maximize the potential of online search.
  • We help people to map, connect, serve and satisfy their needs with the relevant businesses solutions , and We are capable to map & connect Millions Of Needs with Thousands of solutions within a second

needfinder™ enables every local business to come online and solve critical business needs using our platform. Fed up with endless search on various needs, we created a business search system several notches above others

About needfinder™

The main aim of needfinder™ is to enable every small business to transform into a big brand. It is a directory where a need meets its best solution provider. The mantra of needfinder™ is to map an accurate solution with its associated Need.


Our mission is to organise the world's Business information and make it globally accessible and useful - by creating "A perfect Business search engine" as something that "understands query exactly what's your need is and gives you back exactly what the solutions are in form of relevant businesses who can fulfil it."

needfinder™ also offers product & services for small businesses beyond search as well which will
" convert their local business into a brand."

Our Service LeadQ™ is intended to satisfy and serve Millions of peoples needs within a second.
"Map & Connect Millions of peoples needs with the relevant businesses solution and DO IT within a second. "


At needfinder™, we aim to initiate a drastic change,change for the best. Our vision is to help the small businesses come online and become a big brand. We are on a journey to simplify every need of a business, so as to enable business owners be happy and provide our users an optimal search platform as well. We are here to get to the root of every challenge, find a solution and deliver to you a world that's filled to the brim with optimism, innovation, transparency, and advancement.